Just to clear up any confusion

Hey, this is neat. Somebody — “somebody” in this case meaning an executive at a very shiny-looking social media firm — made a video just so I could have a handy link to share with all the various people in my life who are a little fuzzy on exactly what it is that I do for a living.

Mom, Dad, here it is:


Now, aside from making my next family reunion less awkward, this video is really good because it answers a lot of questions that first-time clients tend to have about how social media will benefit their business, in a way that works for both hardnosed number-cruncher types (I love you guys, really) and those of us who have a more abstract or visual way of looking at things. I can imagine a pitch meeting where I come in with my tablet (in my imagination I have a tablet) and show the prospective client a video like this… and then we work together to script a video that would do the same thing for her business, whether it’s custom software or silk hair accessories.

Craig in the video says that his firm, Maximize Social Media, works with medium-sized companies, so it’s not surprising that one thing he doesn’t talk about is the particular array of benefits that social media marketing has for small businesses — both those who are intentionally small and those who want to grow bigger. The fact is, most of the clients I’ve worked with, and those I really want to work with, aren’t going to ask themselves “should I pursue a TV ad campaign, or try this new social media marketing instead?” They’re often too small, too specialized, or too just-getting-started to participate in traditional advertising. For these businesses, social media marketing doesn’t represent an alternative to an old way of doing things — it’s an opportunity arising where none has existed before.