Sarah Hope Fitch is a social content stylist who helps small businesses to share their brands and messages through online content, social media and traditional PR. With a strong background in writing and an MA in English from North Carolina State University, Sarah specializes in creating smart, distinctive written content to clearly communicate with any audience her clients want to reach.

Sarah started her marketing career as a content writer and editor for Ocean City, MD tourism, after her graduation from George Washington University in 2007. Since then, she has worked with SAS Institute as a social media documentation specialist, and as a social media specialist and content strategist for The Creative Media People, a multimedia marketing firm in Cary, NC. She has recently started taking on her own freelance PR, content and social media projects.

Sarah lives in Raleigh, North Carolina with her husband Daniel and their dog, MacGuffin. She loves baking, reading great fiction and poetry, vintage fashion, and classic movies. As a big supporter of small businesses, especially local women-owned businesses, she hopes that this blog will help at least a few passionate entrepreneurs learn how to better get their message out there.


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