Making it Yours

So your business website has a clear, intuitive layout, professional-looking pictures, an interface that works with all major browsers (yes, including mobile) and all the relevant information that your customers need. Great! So you’re all set, right?

Well, not quite.

Don’t worry; having a user-friendly, informative website is always a high priority. But to take your web presence over the top — to go from welcoming new customers to creating long-term customer loyalty — the missing ingredient is personality. Sharing a little bit of what makes you unique is how you’ll create a deeper relationship with customers and make them want to keep coming back, and tell all their friends and family about you, too.

The tricky part is knowing just how much personality to show. You are running a business, after all, not a personal blog. Adding a picture or two of you and your colleagues having fun while making your product or setting up shop is a great touch. If family members are involved, show them off! Pets? Sure, why not? Make your pet a charming mascot by showing how they “help” with the business — as long as everything’s sanitary, of course.

If you feel like getting a little fancy with things, let’s talk theme. Something you’re passionate about, like your hometown, sense of humor, or personal style can become an integral part of your brand, from names to packaging to, or course, the context and feel of your website. For instance, one small business I worked with had a theme of Southern nostalgia. I helped the business owner to create product names and descriptions that evoked that theme. Another client suggested a penguin for a logo because he happened to like penguins. The team I was working with created a penguin mascot to help explain the client’s high-tech products throughout the website and social media, even naming products after penguin species like “Emperor “and “Rockhopper” to really keep it integrated.

Often the need to be professional makes us afraid to show off our individuality. But in the world of small business, your uniqueness can be a major selling point! So go ahead and let your personality shine through. Customers will appreciate the chance to get to know you as a real person, not just a brand.


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