Wait, I have a blog now?


This blog isn’t dead, it just hasn’t woken up yet. If you’re here, it means you stumbled upon it by accident, and should be very, very quiet. Please forgive the total lack of design or content or organization or absolutely anything else. More is coming soon, I promise!

What will my blog do when it wakes up?

Well, first, it will have to have a nice cup of tea. And then it will talk a lot about social content, which is basically the art of saying things to people, only in smart and interesting ways that bring in more people to come listen to you and share your things with everybody else. And also about small businesses (my favorite things in the world), and about creating a unique voice for your brand, and sometimes probably about food, because I really can’t resist one more place to talk about what I made for dinner.

I hope that you’ll come back and visit my blog after it’s had time to get itself presentable.

In the meantime, if you want to stay in touch, please do follow me on Twitter and check out my work with the multimedia firm The Creative Media People.

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